Amador & Associates, LLC

Psychological evaluations for reality and documentary programming

Amador & Associates has evaluated over 20,000 contributors, contestants, participants, and talent in the entertainment industry.


Tailored psychological risk assessment evaluations and personality evaluations that are uniquely comprehensive and affordable


Assess acute and/or urgent issues that may arise during taping


Consulting on the development, production, writing and selling of television and documentary programming

On Camera

Dr. Amador and select members of his team have appeared as talent on camera

Our Clients

“I have confidently referred producers to Amador & Associates over the years, based on the quality of their work on programs with highly sensitive subject matter.”

SVP-Counsel, Major Cable Television Group

Read about us in Variety:

“So many families clamor to air their dirty laundry on ‘Wife Swap.’ But in order to avoid washing out, they must first make it past a consultation with Amador and Associates, who aim to help producers discover human drama that won’t descend into hokey or hurtful melodrama.”

“In season three, production hit a wall when one father turned reticent. After verifying that the man was not clinically depressed, Amador helped producers nudge the episode forward…With that, the redirected arc proceeded successfully.”