About Us



Amador and Associates is truly one of a kind: Unlike all others (psychologists working solo), we employ a team of licensed psychologists which allows us to help you at a moments notice. All work is peer-reviewed by Dr. Amador.

Our clients include production companies and network legal teams.

Our unprecedented level of experience across a broad range of programs and formats gives Amador and Associates a unique foundation of experience that guides our development of assessment protocols, on-set interventions, post-production assessments and consultations with legal teams for due diligence, ethical care, crisis response, and reduction of legal exposure.

Because we work as a team (based in LA and NYC), last minute assessments and crisis interventions are possible—frequently same day requests can be honored.


Dr. Amador and his team work both off and on camera for numerous television programs including ABC, A&E Networks, CBS, NBC, Discovery Channel, Fox and PBS among others.

For two decades, Amador & Associates have worked closely with production, casting, and legal teams. Those relationships, more than anything, have given Amador and Associates a valuable depth of knowledge and experience that is unlike any other.